Alauddin khilji was the most powerful ruler of Khilji Dynasty.

Alauddin khilji was the most powerful ruler of Khilji Dynasty. But he did not inherit the throne of Delhi Sultanate. He was son of elder brother of Jalal-uddin, the founder of Khilji Dynasty. .

Alauddin khilji was the most powerful ruler of Khilji Dynasty. But he did not inherit the throne of Delhi Sultanate. He was son of elder brother of Jalal-uddin, the founder of Khilji Dynasty. ..And also his son-in-law He conspired and murdered his uncle and father-in-law, Jalal-uddin. ..and captured the throne of Delhi Sultanate.

alauddin khilji-You might have read all these in History books. But do you know he had 70,000 women, men and children in his harem. Yeah! you heard right men and children too. In those days when India was ruled by Afghans and Turks, it was a common practice in the ruling class. According to Wikipedia, ‘Bacha Bazi’ is still a common practice in some places in Afghanistan. Afghan Police is unable to stop it because people involved are powerful War Lords.

In Alauddin khilji’s harem, there was a eunuch named Malik Kafur. Alauddin had not only physical relation with Malik Kafoor… ..but he also started to love him. And this was the reason why Alauddin khilji named Malik Kafur as his military general.. even when every one was suggesting not to. But this same Malik Kafur conspires and murders Alauddin in the end. Despite the huge harem. Alauddin Khilji developed infatuation for Queen Padmavati. It is said about Rani Padmavati that she was very beautiful.

It is believed that Maharaja Ratan Singh, king of Chittor Garh.. ..won Queen Padmavati in a ‘Swamvar’ by showing his might and intelligence. The source of whatever we know about Rani Padmavati is a book called ‘Padmavat’… …which was written by a poet named Malik Muhammad Jaisi in 1540 ad. After this, in 1589AD Hemratan wrote a book named “Gora Badal Padmini Chaupai”… ..where we find the the Rajput version of the story.

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The stories of both books are the same, with same characters.. ..with the only difference is plot of the story. This story of Alauddin and Padmavati is quite interesting. It is said that Alauddin khilji came to know about the beauty of Padmavati.. ..through a Priest of Chittorgarh. That Brahmin was named Raghav Vyas He was banished by king Ratan Singh for his fraudulent acts. Mesmerized by the beauty of Queen Padmavati,… ..he decided to invade fort of Chittor. Alauddin khilji was defeated in the first battle… thereafter he plans to get Padmavati through trickery. he puts a condition for peace treaty that he wants to see Rani Padmavati for once.

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After which, Ratan Singh also had a condition that he can watch Padmavati only in mirror. After Allauddin had seen Padmavati in mirror, Ratan Singh was escorting Alauddin to the doors of the fort… ..where Alauddin khilji’s soldiers arrest him deceitfully. Allauddin demanded Padmavati to release King Ratan Singh Two brave Rajput warriors Gora and Badal of Chittorgarh had a secret plan.. .. to bring back Ratan Singh without surrendering Queen Padmavati. Alauddin khilji was informed that.. .. Queen Padmavati with 700 other women will be sent to Delhi. But those 700 palanquins had best Rajput warriors of Chttorgarh. Badal and Ratan Singh was successful in escaping Delhi. But Gora dies fighting the army of aladuddin.

Infuriated Alaudding invades the Chittorgarh fort once again. And this time Chittorgarh army has to face defeat. All men along with Ratan Singh die fighting…. .. and all women along with Padmavati self immolate themselves to avoid disrespect. But modern historian like Prof. Irfan Habib believes that the…. .. the story of Padmavati is a pure work fiction. He believes that both were present in different time line of the history. know more bout-Nathuram Godse, Man who killed gandhi.

The historians believe that Alauddin khilji attacked Chittorgarh in 1303.

and succeeded after eight months of military siege. which was just part of his bigger campaign to bring entire Indian sub-continent under his rule. But contradictory to what historians say,… ..the proof of Jauhar or Self-immolation can be seen even today. Alauddin khilji not only invaded Chittorgarh but.. .. also attacked and captured the Rajput kingdoms of Mewar, Ranthambore, Warangal and Gujarat.

In 1299AD in Gujarat invasion, Alauddin khilji’s military general.. …Nusrat Khan bought a slave boy and converted him into Islam. Later he was named Malik Kafur. The boy was so attractive in appearance that Alauddin khilji liked it at a glance. There is no information about whether Malik Kafur was already a eunuch or.. …Alauddin castrated him due to his sexual preferences. ..but it is certain that Malik Kafur took great advantage of Alauddin’s weakness about him. As a military commander Malik Kafoor was as much cruel as Alauddin. read more about-Battle of Haldighati was an important battle in the history.

He helped Alauddin khilji win kingdoms of South India. In1308, Malik Kafur invaded Devagiri; seeing the amount of wealth Looted.. ..Alauddin khilji took the decision to invade rest of the southern kingdom. It is believed that the amount of wealth looted from .. ..Dwarasamudra and Pandya kingdom was so huge that… took thousands of horses and elephants to send it to Delhi. Alauddin khilji had never looted so much wealth together in one invasion. Alauddin’s cruelty can be judged by the fact that.. ..

Aurangzeb The sixth and last dominant ruler.

when he doubted that 30000 newly converts Mongols are conspiring against him.. ..he ordered to kill all of them in one day and.. ..enslaved their 30000 women into his harem. Alauddin not just killed non-Muslims, but. …also massacred the Ismaili Shia minorities in 1311.. ..accusing them of incest. Alauddin was a Sunni Muslim and he imposed.. ..several types of taxes or jazia for being non-Muslims.

He destroyed several temples including .. Somnath, Bhilsa, Devgiri, Vijapur, Chidambaram and Madurai.. ..and looted a lot of wealth and gold from it. The end of the story of Aluddin was similar to his emergence to power. In the end Malik Kafur conspires and murders Alauddin khilji and.. ..takes possession of Delhi sultanate with deception. After this he names a son of Alauddin khilji as a puppet king and becomes powerful. But his happiness did not last long. Alauddin had another son Mubarak Shah who was in captivity of Malik Kafur. Mubarak Shah with his loyal soldiers.. ..kill Malik Kafur and all his associates in the end. …

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