Aurangzeb The sixth and last dominant ruler.

Aurangzeb The sixth and last dominant ruler.

Aurangzeb, who made his fanatical policies end the Mughal empire . Aurangzeb, whose full name was Abul Mujfar Muhinuddin Muhammad Aurangzeb Alamgir. The sixth and last dominant ruler of the Mughal Empire was the ruler From 1658 till his death in 1707,

Aurangzeb had ruled over a large part of India for 49 years. he had expanded the Mughal empire in his reign. He governed 100-150 million people in 3.2 million square km of her life. he had to face rebellions due to its religious intolerance policies. Which grew so much after his death that gradually the Mughal empire collapsed.

Let’s get you here today from Aurangzeb’s entire biography.

Aurangzeb was born on November 4, 1618 in Dahod district of Gujarat. He was the sixth son of Shah Jahan and the third son. His father was then a governor of Gujarat In 1626 due to the failed revolt of his father. Shah Jahan  and his brother Dara Shikoh His grandfather Jahangir had taken hostage in the Lahore court. Shah Jahan was officially declared the Mughal emperor on February 26, 1628. And Aurangzeb again went to Agra Fort with his parents.

He received formal education in Arabic and Persian languages in Agra itself. He was paid a daily allowance of 500 rupees for the study of religious education and history. Aurangzeb came out of the mouth of death on May 28, 1633. When a powerful war elephant came out to get rid of Mughal Shahi Padava. He threw a spear towards the elephant and rescued himself from crushing On Aurangzeb’s bravery.

death of Aurangzeb On 20 February 1707.

Aurangzeb The sixth and last dominant ruler.

his father gave him the title of brave and weighed him in gold Along with this.  he was given gifts of up to Rs 2 lakh. He winning campaigns On December 15, 1634. Aurangzeb was commanded for the first time which he was given 10,000 horses and 4000 soldiers. It was allowed to use the red tent for the first time giving royal privileges.

death of Aurangzeb On 20 February 1707.

as the nominal charge of the army Orchha’s rebel was sent to Bundelkhand against Jhusar Singh . Jhujar Singh challenged the invasion of other states against the rules of Shah Jahan . According to the system he was kept away from war. And when the Mughal army got together, they took the advice of his commanders and siege of Orcha.

This military operation was successful and Zuzhar Singh was removed from power. Aurangzeb was appointed Viceroy of Deccan in 1636 Jihadis of Shah Jahan were destroyed. by Nizam Shahi Prince Murtaza Shah And now he was engaged in the dangerous expanses of Ahmednagar . Shah Jahan sent Aurangzeb for this military campaign. And he ended the Nizam’s Shahi dynasty by 1636.

Aurangzeb The sixth and last dominant ruler.

In 1637 Aurangzeb married Dilaras Banu Begum.

who was his first and foremost lady. She was also attached to a maid Hiraabai But her death in the youth made her sad In the same year.  Aurangzeb easily made a small Rajput kingdom.  Baglan was also grabbed In 1644. Aurangzeb’s sister Jahanara was burnt in an accident. This incident brought the family to shock Aurangzeb got angry at his father due to this difficult time not returning to Agra.

He came to Agra after three weeks of this incident Shah Jahan served till his daughter’s health was restored . and thousands of vassals came to bury them. When Shah Jahan saw Aurangzeb coming in military attire in the inner palace complex. So angry he sacked him from the Deccan Viceroy’s post. Aurangzeb was stripped of all rights of the Mughal emperor In 1645.

he was barred from entering the court for seven months In 1645.  he was barred from entering the court for seven months After that, Aurangzeb was appointed the governor of Gujarat on the recommendation of the Commander . Where he made good governance and brought stability In 1647.  Shahjahan appointed him the governor of Balkh from Gujarat.

Mumtaz  had died in 1631.

Aurangzeb The sixth and last dominant ruler.


Where his younger son Murad Baksh had proved ineffective. The area was in attack by Uzbek and Turkmen tribes At the beginning of the winter.  Aurangzeb and his father had to make an intrinsic treaty with Ujbeko . Now Aurangzeb appointed Mulan and the ruler of Sindh With his efforts in 1649 and 1652.  Safdavid was removed from Kandahar .

Aurangzeb’s struggle for power War of Succession Shah Jahan fell ill at the end of 1657.  His beloved wife Mumtaz  had died in 1631. and Shah Jahan never forgot his sorrow. His condition was slowly getting worse Because of which his four sons, mayoor throne for the war were ready to fight Shah Jahav had great affection for his elder son Dara Shikoh But most Muslims considered him as worldly and religious.

Shah Jahan’s second son Shuja was relaxed. And he took the title of the ruler of Bengal and made the most beautiful and the main center of alcohol. Aurangzeb was more devoted to Muslim than his other brothers. So he wanted to run his coin on the basis of credible reliability. Aurangzeb mercilessly merged his younger brother Murad with his saying After removing Dara and Shuja from his way. he will hand over the Mud of the Mughal Sultanate.

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He expressed his faith in Murad for his rule refusing to go to Maize for Haj. Murad had full faith in Aurangzeb Therefore, in 1658 Murad and Aurangzeb combined force crushed north towards the capital. Shahjahan health was improving now. Dara was the contender of the throne, Retreated The three brothers refused to believe that Shah Jahan is feeling well. So he came to meet his father in Agra, where he defeated the army of Dara Dara ran towards the north.

but a Baloch Sardar first betrayed him with promise of shelter Handed to Aurangzeb’s army. Dara was imprisoned in 1659 and insulted to Agra was brought. In Agra, Aurangzeb opposed to oppose Islam religion on Dara His ministers also got the sentence of death with him. Aurangzeb head blur by his own brother. his father sent his head Shuja went to Burma and caught him and killed him At the same time in 1661

Aurangzeb The sixth and last dominant ruler.

Mughal Empire was the ruler From 1658 till his death in 1707.

Murad was killed on the charge of murder Removing all your rival brothers on the way. Now the new Mughal Emperor made his father Shahjahan. homeless in the fort of Agra Shah Jahan was imprisoned in Agra for 8 years . and he died in 1666 From the fort of Agra. he observes taj Mahal most of his time window, He himself went to his beloved wife. The Reign of Aurangzeb, Aurangzeb 48-year rule is considered to be the Golden Age of the Mughal Empire.

But due to his policies in his reign, he had to face many revolts Although from Mughal Emperor. Akbar to Shahjahan did a remarkable task in religious tolerance On the other hand. Aurangzeb did the opposite work of his policies . Aurangzeb was a very staunch ruler who changed his name to the radical version of Islam. He banned music and other arts in 1668. Both Hindus and Muslims had committed to sing and play instruments.

Aurangzeb banned music in the court and gave leave to the musicians. Most of the books in Persian on Indian classical music were written during Aurangzeb’s reign. Aurangzeb was skilled at playing the harp himself. Hindu temples built on their target. Aurangzeb ordered the breaking of Hindu temples in 1665 AD . In the temples that were broken during its reign. Temple of Somnath, Vishwanath temple of Benaras And by Veer Singh Dev made, In Jahangir Kaal.

He banned music in the court.

Aurangzeb The sixth and last dominant ruler.
Aurangzeb Mosque (also known as Alamgir Mosque), by the Ganges river, Varanasi. Built by Mughal Emperor, who ruled 1658 – 1707 CE, under the title of Alamgir I, hence the name of the mosque.

made in Mathura Keshav Rai Temple Aurangzeb bumped many Hindu temples and also ordered Christian preachers to be slaves. Aurangzeb spread his Mughal empire from north to south .  But due to his continued  military campaigns and religious intolerance. his respect was diminishing. He did not hesitate to kill the fighters, the political bandits and the opposition to Islam He made the situation more delicate and increased the tax to spend more money in the war The Mughal army never succeeded in winning the Hindu kingdom.

and the Sikh empire in northern India Perhaps the most worrying thing for the Mughal emperor was that. he wanted to fight The Rajput army had to depend more heavily on the backbone of the South Army . at that time And were devoted to Hinduism Despite being disappointed with Aurangzeb’s policies.  he never left Aurangzeb with his life all the time But after his death.

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his son had a rebellion The most dangerous revolt of all of these was from the Pashto tribe in 1672-74 . Main revolt against Aurangzeb In 1659. Shivaji suddenly attacked the Mughal subedar Shahish Khan during the war campaigns . of Aurangzeb Shivaji and his army attacked the Deccan. Janjira and Surat and took possession of these areas In 1689 .

Aurangzeb’s army captured Shivaji’s son Sambhaji And killed him but the Marathas continued their fight. Due to which the Mughal Empire was declining In 1669. Hindu Jats of Bharatpur near Mathura revolted against the Jizya A rebel land owner. Gokul led the rebellion In 1670, the Mughal army subdued 20,000 Jato and killed his leader Gokul. These Jato later established Bharatpur state In 1670.  the new Sikh Guru Teghbahadur opposed Aurangzeb on the issue of conversion of religion For this reason.

Aurangzeb The sixth and last dominant ruler.

Sikh Guru Guru Gobind Singh.

Aurangzeb, frightened by the rising influence of Sikh Guru, In 1670. Guru Teg Bahadur was killing After this. the tenth Sikh Guru Guru Gobind Singh performed his power by creating Khalsa In the Battle of Saraighat in 1671. the Ahom empire waged a war against the Mughal empire. The Mughal army Leadership Mir Jumla and Shahitha Khan attacked But Ahom Rajoas defeated them In 1672.

the people of Satnamese community Under the leadership of Veerabhan, the rebels near Delhi were to capture Narnaul But Aurangzeb’s army crushed this rebellion In 1679. Vir Durgadas Rathod, commander of Rathod dynasty revolted When Aurangzeb did not allow young Rathod Rajkumar to become king Because of this. the Rajput rulers were overwhelmed with fierce resignation. And many rebellions against Rajputana Maharaja Chhatrasala was a great warrior in Bundela Rajput descent Who fought against Mughal emperor and established his empire in Bundelkhand.

The fall of the Mughal empire with the death of Aurangzeb On 20 February 1707, at the age of 88 died in Khuldabad. If he left an empire behind him, then he was severely disintegrated and surrounded by revolts . Under his son Bahadur Shah First his rule continued steadily going forward but it decreased Which finally ended . with the exile of the last Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar II in 1858. And the British ruled India King Aurangzeb is considered the last “Great Mughal” However, due to its toughness and intolerance policies, the great Mughal empire was weakened And reached the downfall.



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