Biography of Guru Nanak Dev and the rise of Sikhism,

Biography of Guru Nanak Dev and the rise of Sikhism,

The rise of Sikhism was born Guru nanak five centuries ago. Nanak was from a Hindu family. and he grew up among the Muslim neighbors From childhood. he showed his deep spiritual character. He broke the customs of the family. and the Orthodox and refused to sit in empty rituals.  Nanak dev even married and did business too, But his focus was on God and Yog. Eventually Nanak became a charan and he started singing the glory of God. They opposed idol worship and did not believe in worship of Gods. He raised voice against caste system and taught all the same lessons to humans. Read More-Indira Gandhi India’s first and only female prime minister

Guru Nanak Dev was born on 14th April 1469. in Talvandi village of Northern Punjab in the 15th century In present Pakistan, a Hindu family of Nankana. happened Nanak was named after his elder sister Nanaki. He lived with his mother Tripti and father Mehta Kalu. His father was a patwari in Talwandi village.

Biography of Guru Nanak Dev and the rise of Sikhism,

Gurunanak had learned Parsee and Arabic languages besides his native language.  Nanak  dev had been given the job of shepherding since childhood. And while keeping cattle, many hours lived in meditation Spiritual Calling and Selfless Service. Ray Bullar first understood the divinity of Guru Nanak and He was happy he kept Nanak in school.

The Guru of Nanak remained amazed to hear his spiritual poetry compositions. When Nanak started to go through the holy Janewo ceremony of Hindu religion. So they refused to participate in it. Guru Nanak opposes caste system. after this And also refused to participate in idol worship Travels of Guru Nanak Dev In 1499. Also Read-Shivaji Maharaj,Biography and History of Shivaji.

Nanak Dev’s friendship with a Muslim poet maardna in Sultanpur.

Where they got education. Nanak and Maardna went out to explore Ekeshwar. Once Nanak Dev passed through a river, he became invisible while meditating in that river. And three days later it came out of the river and declared that “there is no Hindu and no Muslim here. One day during the journey of Haridwar. they used to bring people to heaven. for their ancestors On the east side of the sun saw the Gangajal flowing.

They started plunging Gangajal west direction. And When people saw them, they ridiculed them. Then he said to those people “If the Ganges can reach heaven like this So why did not I reach. Gangajal to Punjab’s farm which is closer to heaven. Principle of Sikhism Guru Nanak developed the monistic worship. and condemned the worship of deities and goddesses.

Biography of Guru Nanak Dev and the rise of Sikhism,

History of Mahavir Swami and Jainism.

Their education is mainly following Name chanting. That is daily worship and always keep taking the name of God Radiate it. Imagine being in the job as a householder honest. Guru Nanak ended the hierarchy of caste. They told all their rules equally for Woman and opposed Sati practice. Guru Nanak as a philosopher and poet. Guru Nanak wrote a poem of 7500 lines Which was later included in Guru Granth Sahib.

They spent his life traveling with new teachings .Nanak composed many inspirational compositions with mardana. and made the medium of message to music. The devotee of Hindu Goddess Durga Lahna listened to the hymns of Guru Nanak and he became his follower.

He put his whole life in service to his master and his followers. Guru Nanak took a test of lahana and considered it appropriate to make him his successor. Guru Nanak died on 22 September 1539 at Kartarpur. After his death, Lahna spread the Sikh religion in the name of Angad Dev.

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