Black History of ‘Kalapani’ (Black water)

Black History of 'Kalapani' (Black water)

Knowing Black History of ‘Kalapani’ (Black water) When we remember the freedom fighters of our country. So we also remember the black water. which is enough to tell the brutality of the British. black water was such a punishment. which took care of the people of that time from the moment Although.

kalapani ,now there is no existence of black water in the country. Still people are interested to know about it continuously So let’s go to black water and remember the brave martyrs.

Black History of 'Kalapani' (Black water)

British main weapon was Kalapani (black water).

When Indian freedom fighters sharpened their revolt against British Daman Chakra. The British government also invented new ways to torture. And this was one of the black water. Under this, he made a jail called Cellular In which freedom fighters were kept in captivity. There was no arrangement of light in these jail. At the same time torture was given from time to time According to the experts in these jails.

Indian prisoners were treated very badly They were given food in dirty utensils. drinking water was also available in limited quantities. Even for the sake of forcefully the whip was raked on bare bodies. And the one who was more opposing would have been blown up in front of the cannon.

Black History of 'Kalapani' (Black water)

Although Indian prisoners escaped from the common jails. Despite this, British government. the jail was built for black water Four walls were made very small. Because the place where this jail was built. That place Surrounded by the sea deep water In such a case. it was impossible to get any part of the prisoner Yet Indians.

were Indians 238 prisoners simultaneously defied the British. and tried to escape from there. However, in his attempt, he did not succeed and got caught What was to happen. then, they had to face the British wreck Prisoners brought from abroad According to information.Kalapani.

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the use of black water prison was not used by the British only for Indian prisoners. Here Verma and other places were also used to capture the fighters For British officers. This place was a favorite, because the island was secluded and far away. For this reason no one could easily come and Could not go.

The British used to bring the prisoners here and perform different types of work. Let’s say that the 200 rebels were first brought here. first to the supervision of English officer David Berry Veer Savarkar. including all the heroes ‘pain’ . When the movement of freedom in the country was at the peak. At that time, the British had Punishment many people to black water. Most of the prisoners were freedom fighters.


Black History of 'Kalapani' (Black water)
cellular jail

The biggest name in it was Vinayak Damodar Savarkar.

He was sent to jail for ‘black water’ on July 4, 1911. Death of ‘hunger strike’. The tyranny of British officers was increasing. He extended the torment of freedom fighters. His cruelty had increased so much. that now it was out of tolerance In such a situation.

Mahavir Singh, who was called Bhagat Singh’s friend, sat on a hunger strike When the British officers reported this to him,. they raised oppression on Mahavira. All efforts were made to eliminate their hunger strike,. But mahavira is not broken Finally. by mixing poison in his milk. he was forced to drink, Causing his immediate death. After the death, Mahavira dead body was thrown into the sea by tying stones. So that nobody can feel anything about this. But the news spread to the whole jail soon,Kalapani

Black History of 'Kalapani' (Black water)
cellular jail

As a result, all the prisoners in jail were on hunger strike Later. due to Mahatma Gandhi intervention. these prisoners were sent back to India in 1937-1938. Some such were the structure of the jail With the intention of completely dismantling. the Indian independence movement. The British had prepared a special kind of jail for Kalapani

A tower was built between the middle of the jail, Prisoners. were tracked from there A total of 698 rooms were built in this jail. There was a Skylight in every room at a height of three meters. There was also a wolf arrangement in prison. so that the prisoners should be tied up with them.

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