chhatarpur temple, history of chhatarpur mandir.

(chhatarpur temple) history of chhatarpur mandir.

History of Chhatarpur Temple The Chhatarpur temple comes in South Delhi. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Katyayani. There is a very wonderful and interesting story related to this temple After knowing this everyone gets surprised.

chhatarpur temple ,According to that mythological story, a sage once had a rigorous austerity of Durga Devi .The name of that sage was Katiyan sage. Durga Devi was pleased by seeing the rigorous austerity of that sage and appeared in front of that sage Goddess, pleased with the penance of that sage. said that whatever boons you want, you must ask for it. After that Katiyana Rishi told Devi that you are born in my house as my daughter. I wish to be your father Devi was delighted to hear this word of the sage and gave it a boon to him.

Goddess again took birth in the house of the sage as a Katyayana daughter. And from then on that incarnation of the Goddess is called the Katyayani Devi Avatar That is why this temple in Delhi is called the Chhatrapur Temple of Katyayani Devi.

chhatarpur temple, history of chhatarpur mandir.


This temple

comes in the south west part of Delhi. and it is only 4 km away from Qutub Minar. This temple was founded by Baba Sant Nagpal in 1974. He died in 1998 In this temple complex. Goddess Katyayani twice in a year On the occasion of Navratri is opened. At that time, thousands of devotees come from here for a long time to see the Goddess.

There is a silver-made chairs and a table in this room. Then in another room called the bedroom, There are bed, dressing tables and silver-carved tables to see it. This temple is opened only when a big satsang is organized Like someone religious program and bhajans, (religious songs) Is organized.

There is an old tree on the entrance to this temple .and sacred thread is tied on this tree To fulfill their desires. people make thread and bangles to this tree. People tie this tree with the belief that their every expressed desire is fulfilled. During the Navaratri festival thousands of devotees keep coming to see the Goddess In short words.

chhatarpur temple, history of chhatarpur mandir.

the temple of Chhatarpur, representing the religious heritage of India.

is a very important temple The Shiv Temple, Ram Temple, Maa Katyani Temple, Maa Mahishasurmardini Temple. Maa Ashtabhuji Temple, Markandeya Temple, Baba’s Samadhi, Nageshwara Temple, trishool. 101 Feet of Hanuman statue are the main centers of special attraction. for the devotees Apart from these temples. a huge building has been constructed In which every day .

Bhandara is organized Some religious prayers are done for almost 24 hours During Navaratri,. Mahashivaratri and Janmashtami.

There is a crowd of thousands of devotees in the temple On this occasion millions of devotees come to see the Goddess. Because of this, the view here is very good Prasad is distributed to millions of people in Navratri days .

The viewer does not believe in his eyes because this view is so beautiful in seeing. The temple of Chhatarpur is a wonderful temple in terms of architecture. Because the stones of this temple show poetry Before constructing Akshardham Temple in Delhi in 2005.

chhatarpur temple, history of chhatarpur mandir.

This Chhatrapur Temple was the largest temple in India and the second largest temple in the world.

This temple was completely made of Sungmarmar. And all the places of the temple were worked in the lattice. This type of architecture is called Vesara architecture. All the buildings of this temple, spread over very large ground, are made of different types of things. Many beautiful gardens and lawns have been made in this temple complex Whom anybody can see the devotee’s mind gets peace.

The work of carving in the temple is really quite commendable Due to the large size of the temple, the complex here looks very good. The statue of Goddess Katyayani has been installed in a big house. And this house can also be entered from the prayer hall. The statue of Goddess Katyayani, made of gold, Is often embellished with the glory of beautiful clothes, gold and beautiful flowers.

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In the days of Navaratri, there is a crowd of thousands of devotees here To control the crowd of such a large number of devotees. they are put in the line of snake A lot of security guards are deployed to control these long long queues .

chhatarpur temple, history of chhatarpur mandir.

How to reach Chhatarpur temple?

To reach the Chhatarpur temple in the national capital of Delhi. Facility is available from the entire country Nearest Station Nizamuddin Railway Station . The nearest airport to this place is Indira Gandhi International Airport . The Chhatrapur temple in Delhi has many specialties. The most special thing about this temple is that If someone enters this temple once, then he keeps on roaming around the temple.

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He does not know that the said temple is the beginning and said that there is a way out of the temple. Because this temple has been built,is something like this. After going through any direction in this direction, the last end of the temple is not visible. It seems that there is a way to go in every direction and there is no mention of going out .

Another feature of this temple is that there is a very old and very large tree on the entrance of the temple. The people have such reverence By tearing thread or bangles to this tree. the devotee’s desire is fulfilled. That is why threads and bangles are tied around this tree.

(chhatarpur temple) history of chhatarpur mandir.


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