History of Mahavir Swami and Jainism.

History of Mahavir Swami and Jainism.

Mahavir Swami also called Vardhaman, Was 24th and last Tirthankara In Jainism. Tirthankar is an omniscient guru who reads the lesson of religion And builds the bridge between rebirth and transmigration. There were 24 pilgrims in every part of the cosmic time cycle.

Mahavir Swami was the last tirthankara of Avarsarpni. swami was born in the royal family and later leaving the house in search of spiritualism and became a monk Lord. Mahavir Swami became omniscient after many years of austerity. And at the age of 72, liberation was attained. He spread the principles of Jainism to India as a whole.Also Read-chhatarpur temple, history of chhatarpur mandir.

Mahavir Swami was born in the Raj Kshatriya family.

His father name was Siddhartha and mother name was Trishala. He was born on the 13th day of the moon ascending according to the heroic Nirvana Samant Panchang. And according to the Gregorian Panchag, this date falls in March or April Which is celebrated as Mahavir Jayanti. His tribe was Kashyap Kundalpura, the old town of Vaishali, is said to be his birth place. Mahavir while being the son of the king, enjoyed all the pleasures and splendor.

Mahavir Swami parents were strict adherents of Parshvanatha. Jain tradition is not unanimous about their marriage According to Digambara tradition. Mahavira father had a desire That they got married to Yashoda but they refused. According to the Shvetambar tradition he married to Yashoda. And he had a daughter named Priyadarshana.

Knowledge of Mahavir Swami’s retirement and omniscience.

At the age of 30, he left all the riches and left the house And in the pursuit of spiritual awakening. they began to live a life of asceticism. He went to a garden called Sandavan near Kundalpur. There, he did austerity under the Ashok tree without clothing. His hardships and insults have been depicted in the form of the formula. He passed through the big plague in the eastern part of Bengal Children throw stones at them. and often humiliated them According to Kalpasrutra, Astgram, Champapuri, Prastichampa, Vaishali, Vanijagram, Nalanda, Mithila, Bhadrila, Alabhika Panitabhumi, Saraswati And And in Pawanpuri. he spent 42 monsoons of his ascetic life At the age of 43.Read About-Akshardham temple (Swaminarayan Temple) history

After 12 years of hard penance.(Mahavir Swami)

History of Mahavir Swami and Jainism.


he got only the state of birth Which means separation the knowledge of integration. This gave them knowledge of omniscience and got rid of intellectual knowledge. These knowledge came under a shawl tree along the river Rajuplika In the formulating. all the wisdom and knowledge of Mahavira has been told After 30 years of omnipotence. Read Next-Peshwa Bajirao, Who has not lost a single battle in his life.

Mahavira traveled in India and abroad. and gave knowledge of philosophy According to tradition, 14,000 yogis of Mahavira, 36,000 monasteries, 159,000 shravak And 318,000 Shravika became their follower. Some royal families also became their followers. Salvation of Mahavira Swami According to Jain texts. Mahavira received salvation as his soul had been proved On the same day. his main follower Gandhar took birth only According to Mahpuran. after the Nirvana of Tirthankaras. the Gods performed their last rites According to a treatise. only the nails and the hair of the Tirthankar were left alive And the rest of the body was dissolved in the air.

Mahavira has been depicted in most of the pictures with the sign of the lion in meditation posture. At the place where Mahavira attained salvation, there is a Jain temple named after a water tank Mahaveer Swami previous incarnation Lord Mahavir Swami was the 24th and last Tirthankar of Jainism.

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He had developed a versatile personality All the qualities and powers of his soul were awake and active. They had infinite compassion besides infinite strength With these infinite powers of the soul. he became a fully developed and assorted man But the seeds of grandeur and greatness of Lord Mahavir Swam were placed in the far past In their previous births, they were engaged in strict penance altruism and practicing deep meditation In order to understand Jainism.

History of Mahavir Swami and Jainism.

it is also necessary to know about their previous incarnations.

His first incident in this episode is called “the first touch of religion” This is before the 27th incarnation of Lord Mahavir Swami soul. The first glimpse of correct knowledge 27 Before the birth of Lord Mahavir Swamy in the West Mahavide area in the establishment city .

There was a forester named Nagesar of King Shatrumardhan. They used to cut wood from the forest and carry it for construction purposes. One afternoon, all the laborers were resting after eating a meal. Newaras also sit under a tree and sit to take food. As soon as he was going to take food, some righteous monks wandered from nearby hills.

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Newasar thought that these monks were wandering in this swath of food and water. without food So if they come to this side. then I will give them a share of their food Thus, by benefiting from the service of the guests. my day will be successful. Abodh Nisar saw the Sadhus coming towards them And on their arrival deep devotion gave them food.

When Nayaasar started coming to the city of Noor, he started walking with them a few feet away. When nayaasar fellowship to depart from them, then those sadhus, He gave them simple ways of true path, compassion, kindness, simplicity, humility and patience. Nayaasar became enlightened and the seeds of religion sprout in their mind. This was the first point of their spiritual development When he saw the first glimpse of spiritual light from the darkness of delusion.

The count of incarnation of Lord Mahavir Swami’s Spirit begins here. Mahavir Swami third incarnation Marichi . The soul of nayaasar was reborn as a God in the form of saudharma kalpa. After this, he took birth as the third person born in Ayodhya. the son of Chakravati Bharat Listening to Lord Rishabhdev’s first discourse, he became a Shramana But they could not adopt rigorous ascetic rules. Also Read-Battle of Chamkaur, where 40 Sikhs were heavy on 10 lakh soldiers.

Therefore, he renounced the clothes of Shraman And making a change in the strict rules of Shraman Siddanto. Tandini became a protector, A class of monk In this way, they started wearing an umbrella and khadau. He used to wipe Sandalwood bathing every day. Although he still considered the path of Lord Rishabhdev as correct He sat down under the blessings of Lord Rishabhdev. and asked about his costumes Accepts its weaknesses and motivates.

History of Mahavir Swami and Jainism.

the nearby people to adopt Shramana religion According to Jainism.

Marichi was the founder of Survivarka schools. Marichi had said that Shramana was free of mind, speech and body distortions. But the Survivor had all these things Survivor took the Trident with his sign and started living with him In the last days of his life. he made Prince Kapil his follower And Kapil made a reflexive school on his way Mahaveer Swamy 24th Incarnation Nandan Muni Victory enemy son’s name was Rajkumar Nandan.

That was like a lotus flower in the world engaged in worldly pleasures. The charm of her spiritual quest did not turn the charm of beauty. In the end, he became a follower of Pottilacharya By becoming auspicious. he purified his soul with the fire of penance He strictly adhered 20 steps of penance As a result. he earned the name Tirthankara and the clan work So that he became a Tirthankara in the next life. After this he was born as a post-warplant aircraft After which he finally got born in Mahavira form. So friend, It was the information about History of Mahavir Swami and Jainism.Read Next-Shivaji Maharaj,Biography and History of Shivaji.

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