Holi,the history behind festival of colors,

Holi,the history behind festival of colors,

Holi is one of the important festivals celebrated by Indians with great devotion and joy. On this festive day, relatives and friends gather at a place… Splash the colours at each other and dance in happiness. They lit the fire of Holi, perform traditional dances along with Kolattam (Folk Dance) around and worship the Lord.

holi ,This is the tradition for generations. Generally, this festival is celebrated at the end of the winter season on the last full moon day of the lunar month Phalguna. which usually falls in February or March. People worship Shri Krishna and Radha during Holi and enjoy singing their songs. Without any differences between caste and religion… Several people across the country participate in these Holi celebrations… And celebrate Rang Panchami festival in a grand manner.

Holi,the history behind festival of colors,

Why do we celebrate Holi festival? What is the reason behind lighting the Holi bonfire on that day? What is the connection between this colours festival and Radha Krishna? How do people across the country celebrate this festival following their traditions? In this , I am going to show you those details. According to Vaishnava Puranas…

Earlier, Hiranyakashyap who was the demon king performed penance for a long time… He receives a boon from Brahma that makes it almost impossible for him to be killed by others. He asked for a boon that he would not be killed during day or night, inside the house or outside, on the earth or in the sky… Either by human or animals, weapons or powers… Brahma accepted for that and granted the demon king Hiranyakashyap with the boon desired.

With that, he becomes very arrogant and started attacking heaven and earth. In addition, he passed the order that the people should stop worshipping the gods and they have to worship only him. While Hiranyakashyap was so arrogant… His son Prahlad disagreed with his father and worshipped Lord Vishnu with great devotion. As Prahlad did not listen even after Hiranyakashyap who came to know this warned him not to worship Lord Vishnu…

Holi,the history behind festival of colors,

Hiranyakashyap decides to kill his son.

At first when he poured poison into the mouth of Prahlad… That becomes ambrosia. Then with another plan, when he made the elephants stamp on him… Nothing happened to him. Likewise, whatever the plan they came up with… As nothing happened to him… At last, when he ordered his son to sat in the lap of his sister Holika who was a demoness and enter into the fire… With the belief in Lord Vishnu whom he worships…

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He sits in the lap of Holika on the fire… At that time, the shawl of Holika that would protect her from the fire was blown by the wind and saved Prahlad… Holika who had a cruel thought was burnt to her death. Marking the burning of Holika, Holi festival is celebrated.

Later, Lord Vishnu incarnated Narasimha avatar (half-lion, half-man appearance) to kill Hiranyakashyapu… During the twilight hour, neither day nor night… Dragged him to the threshold of the door [neither inside nor outside the house and placed him on his lap (neither sky nor the earth)… And then Hiranyakashipu was killed.

Holi,the history behind festival of colors,

There is another story about Holi.

When Radha mischievously teased Sri Krishna that his complexion was very dark… Krishna complained to his mother about that… When she decided to splash colour at Radha… As Krishna played splashing colours at Gopikas along with Radha and celebrated this colour festival… This became Holi festival.

The story of Radha Krishna is said to be one of the reasons for celebrating this festival during Spring season that express love. There is another story behind Holi festival. While making an effort for the marriage of Parvati and Lord Shiva… When Cupid threw a flower arrow at Lord Shiva to disturb his penance… Lord Shiva who became furious destroys the body of Cupid. Then Lord Shiva opens his third eye and turned the body of Cupid into ashes.

Holi,the history behind festival of colors,

Then as per the request of Cupid’s wife Rati… Lord Shiva brought Cupid back alive. But he would be alive only in a spiritual form which showcases love instead of the physical body structure. Because of this incident, the people set fire on the day of Holi festival and celebrated in a grand way.

These are the facts about Holi festival. This Holi festival is celebrated in the traditional methods of smearing colours on others, a bonfire of Holi, musical program, folk dance… And praise Radha Krishna., Holi is celebrated in many other states such as Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Bengal, Orissa… Gujarat, Maharashtra according to their traditions.

As the artificial colour used in celebration of Holi festival are harmful to health… The governments are suggesting that people have to use natural colours. This is the information about the actural history of Holi, the festival of colours. know more about-Udaipur tourist places,to visit in udaipur and its history

Holi,the history behind festival of colors,

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