How Did Vasco da Gama Loot india?

How Did Vasco da Gama Loot india?

In 1460, Vasco da Gama was born in Portugal. Vasco da Gama father used to work for the king there. The main job of which was to recover the tax for the government. Vasco da Gama brothers used to help in the works of their father. And later…

Vasco da Gama himself used to work for the pop there in 1481.At that time the main source of income in Spain and Portugal was to trade in ships from other countries In reality. while he used to work on the sea ship King of Portugal. the sea looter In 1492, Pop also sent Vasco da Gama on a cruise for trade Vasco da Gama for business in 1497 Traveling to sea, 170 people reach Libsan in South Africa. Traveling ten thousand kilometers for the first time. he reached South Africa after three months In South Africa, nothing was found to rob him. and he had to go ahead And in Africa, in some other countries of the continent. finally left from Malindi to 1498.

In May 1498, Vasco da Gama arrived in India.

In India’s history, his name was written in golden letters. Vasco da Gama invented India It meant that India did not exist before. Vasco da Gama It is not because India is the oldest country in the world.

How can it be discovered Vasco da Gama? We can say that he came to India for the first time by sea route. Therefore, a person searching for India by sea route can say In Calicut. the king of Zamorin used to rule at that time . When Zamorin came to know that a foreign passenger first came to India. So he welcomed Vasco da Gama In India. the tradition of Guests are like God has been from the years Therefore, Zamorin felicity Vasco da Gama like as a guest In his hospitality.

How Did Vasco da Gama Loot india?

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3000 soldiers had a grand welcome Vasco d Gama also as a gift to Zamorin Precious clothes, Six hats, Four branches of corals, A box with seven brass boats, Gave two barrels of oil and one cup of honey. Zamorin did not like his gifts much, Because he was more interested in gold silver gifts. Vasco da Gama to do business in India Asked by Zamorin gave him permission to do business as a guest.

Now for the business, Zamorin invented gold and silver as a custom duty from Vasco d Gama. But Vasco da Gama did not have anything at that time. And he wanted to do business in India. He had heard from India that India is called a gold bird and there is huge reservoir of gold here. He did not want to take this opportunity, so he killed Zamorin.

After the murder of Zamorin, he himself became the owner of Calicut. Which used to be the largest port in India at the time. Now in Calicut, he started imposing taxes on vessels operating in Arab countries on the harbor If anyone does not pay tax to Vasco da Gama at that time So he used to destroy his ship by telling the looters. His fear was so overwhelming that a ship could not move with the harbor without his permission. read more-Rani Durgavati, Who defeated Akbar army three times in the war. 

How Did Vasco da Gama Loot india?



About 3 months later when he returned to his country.

seven ships filled with gold and went to their country. He could now find the sea route to go to India And came back to India. a year later to rob India again Second time, he took about 12 ships from India and took Ashrafia of gold. His mind was still not filled And for the third time again. 21 ships from India filled the ship with the goldsmiths. When Vasco d Gama went to Portugal with so much money. So the people of that country came to know that there is immense wealth in India.

At that time the European countries used to be very poor. because they had the weather That was not suitable for farming and business. 13th and 14th century you see the history of European countries So you will not find any industry there. Now the main work of his livelihood was to rob other countries. Those people who were asked to bring the goods of Loot by sending the excursion of trade through the sea. When vasco d Gama arrived in India, it came to know in reality that India lacks. the lack of gold After the third visit, he had a desire to return to India. but he had died Because of the same thin  spread of immense wealth.. in India all over the world Due to which European countries planned to loot India.

How Did Vasco da Gama Loot india?

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The Portuguese first plundered India, then Frenchmen looted India for many years After that. the Dutch people of Holland also looted India. After all, the British came to the end who had looted India for ruled 200 years together. And all the money from India reached England. Friends, you may have understood that the name of Vasco d Gama is taken in honor of Indian history. He was actually a pirates When you see its costume on Google Image. you will be guessed that He was actually a pirate who had robbed India for the sake of trade. Friends.

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