Indian railways top 9 interesting facts.

Indian railways top 9 interesting facts.

it is a Mammoth service that organizes and runs 11,000 trains every day. on tracks spread over 60,000 km in length.It is the Indian Railways.

indian railways the Big boss that employs close to 1.54 million people. making it the seventh-largest employer in the world according to Forbes. and also if the tracks were to be laid out. they could circle the planet for one and a half times. and also The total distance that the Railway covers in a single day. is equal to around three and a half times the distance to the moon.

so sit back guys. as we roll down the list of top 9 interesting facts on the Mighty indian railways.

9-The Nilgiri Express with a mean speed of ten kmph. has the distinction of being India’s slowest train.

Indian railways top 9 interesting facts.
nilgiri train.

8-the indian railways has railwaytracks spread over 60,000 km in length. throughout the subcontinent with
this The Vivek Express. which begins from Dibrugarh in assam to the lowermost tip of the country Kanyakumari. and during this period it covers 4,273 km. making it the longest-run in terms of total time & distance.

7-Ever wondered how can you fall asleep so easily while travelling by train. its Because, the coaches in indian railways are designed with a resonance frequency. in the suspension of about 1.2 Hz, this is the same frequency. that the human body is most comfortable with.

6-The station with the longest name of 29 letters is Venkata narasim hara juvarii peta. It is often used with ‘Sri’ prefixed. also a Station in Odisha with has the shortest name that is Ib.

5-India’s oldest working locomotive is the Fairy Queen. manufactured in 1855. It is also the oldest functioning steam engine in the world. which plies between New Delhi and Alwar in Rajasthan. It has also been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. and has received the Heritage Award from the International Tourist Bureau,
in Berlin.

Indian railways top 9 interesting facts.

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4-Toilets in the lower classes of the railway were introduced in the year 1909. and it was only after a hilarious letter by one of the passenger named Okhil Babu. that described the ordeal he faced owing to absence of lavatories during his journey period.added to the embarasment he had to face on his side.

3-The longest rail tunnel in India is the Pir Panjal tunnel. at a length of eleven.215 km. It was completed in December 2012 in J&K.

2- 4 sites of the iconic indian railway been declared as “World Heritage Sites” by UNESCO. One of them being Darjeeling Himalayan Railway opened in the year 1881. was the first hill passenger railways in India.
followed by Mumbai CST station is an historic railway station in Mumbai. which serves as the headquarters of the
Central Railways.

Indian railways top 9 interesting facts.

The station was built in 1887 in the Bori Bunder area . of Bombay in honour to the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria . Neelgiri Mountain Railways. The construction of a 46-km long metre-gauge single-track railway was completed in 1908. This nilgiri mountain railway. scaling an elevation of 326 m to 2,203 m. represented the latest technology of the time. and finally we have the Kalka-Shimla Railways a 96-km long. single track rail link built in the mid-19th century. connecting Kalka in the foothills, to Shimla. the railway Originally consisted of 107 tunnels. and till date more than a hundred tunnels still remain in use.

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1- Indian Railways has a mascot named Bholu the Elephant guard. its because ,Back in the old days. elephants were the only option to the railways in order to position the cartridges onto the tracks.

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