ISKCON Temple delhi ,temple of Lord Krishna

ISKCON Temple delhi (history)

History of ISKCON Temple delhi.

The first place in Hindu religion is given to God In this religion. many gods and goddesses are worshiped One of them is Lord Krishna.

In the Mahabharata Lord Shri Krishna to protect religion And to destroy the unrighteous . arjun was guided by becoming a charioteer.

ISKCON Temple delhi of Lord Krishna is also called ISCON Temple. When Lord Krishna incarnated this, he had made many leela. There is something learning hidden in his life about Leela. From lifting the Govardhan mountain to defeat. the Kaliya Nag, there was a huge message hidden in all these leela.

This temple of Lord Krishna is situated in Delhi. and it is known by the name of the ISKCON temple .

ISKCON Temple delhi (history)

The famous ISKCON Temple delhi is also called Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple. This temple was established in 1998 by Achyut Kanvid. and this temple is located in the east of Delhi. This temple is made entirely of stones from inside and outside. But while making it the stones have been beautifully carved  Iskcon’s temples are all over the world.

The name of this temple was made by making words of a special English language. the International Society for Krishna Consensus (ISKCON). This spiritual institute was founded by Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada in 1966. in New York The basis of ISKCON’s foundation is based on the Bhagavad Gita. that came 5000 years ago. All the devotees of ISKCON consider Lord Krishna as the greatest God. And as many incarnations of God. they are all Lord Krishna. Also Read-Akshardham temple (Swaminarayan Temple) history

they believe it That is why they all consider Lord Krishna as the main deity. All the people should accept the devotional path and worship the Lord Shri Krishna. So that ISKCON Temple delhi have been established ISKCON belongs to the Gaudiya Vaishnav.  sect Vaishnava here means worship of Lord Vishnu and Gaud is related to the Gaud state of West Bengal.

And this place was the beginning of the Vaishnava sect. The founder of ISKCON Prabhakant wanted to build Lord Shri Krishna’s temple in entire India.

ISKCON Temple delhi (history)

The real name of the ISKCON temple in Delhi is Sri Sri Radha Parthasarthi Temple.

And it was established in 1995. to enable the devotee to be directly connected with Lord Krishna. Prabhupada also said. that ‘all these temples are spiritual centers’ Just as a patient goes to the hospital. to cure the disease In the same way. Read More-chhatarpur temple, history of chhatarpur mandir.

a devotee should come to the temple for Lord’s vision. And should listen to God’s kirtan. so that his thoughts get better. He becomes absorbed in the devotion of God. This temple is located in the south of New Delhi. This ISKCON Temple delhi has three temples and apartments of Lord Krishna. it is about 90 feet high. Those three temples are the temple of Radha-Krishna, Sita-Ram and Gaura-Nitya.

The temple is beautifully built in the outer part In addition. the event of Lord Krishna’s life has been presented beautifully inside the temple. This temple is surrounded by different pictures. of the ISKCON temple in the circus complex.

This Circus on campus Lord Krishna and Radha also have statue. This is the only major temple in this area. And all the people here celebrate Srila Prabhupada. They worship them People come from far away. some people come from other countries too. And here we practice the Vedas.

The temple of Lord Shri Krishna has been decorated with great beauty. in the temple God is decorated with beautiful clothes and ornaments In this temple.

ISKCON Temple delhi (history)

ISKCON Temple ,there is always the sound of Hare Rama Hare Krishna.

This mantra is always chanted in this temple of Delhi Satsanga. and Parayan are organized for devotees in this temple Beautifully carved. work has been done in the outer part of the temple. And At the same time. there are many shops at the outer place in this temple. When entering this temple, a big and beautiful fountain is found.

There is also a temple of different deities at different places in this temple. There is also a huge museum in this temple. where the texts of Ramayana and Mahabharata have been kept On every Sunday. special prayers of God are performed in this temple and all people pray to God.

And when the festival of Janmashtami happens. then devotees celebrate it with great glee. Lord Krishna is the most important god of this temple. That’s why Janmashtami is celebrated in this temple with great enthusiasm Every year. about 8 lakh devotees come to see God and share their mind with God.

The festival starts at 4:30 a.m. on the festival day. and starts till late night On this occasion.big celebrations are taken out, People worship God special. many cultural events are organized. Lord Krishna’s special makeup is done on this festival.

ISKCON Temple delhi (history)

Museum of Vedic Culture.

There is a Museum in this temple. in which all information about Vedic culture can be found In this museum. the statue of Goddess and god the bronze statue has been kept. Those who want to watch the video, have also been arranged The building exhibiting Vedic art. This temple has a very large building.

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People come from all corners of the world in this building. And by doing programs based on Hindu religion. they work to improve their inner art Ramayana Art Gallery. This place has been informed of all the important events of Ramayana. It has been tried to show this information in multimedia. Bhagvad Gita Animatronics robot show People see a large number of people to see this show.

because some of the shows are seen differently. In this show, in the Bhagavad Gita. which Lord Krishna has taught It is shown And most importantly. the robot in which it is shown is made from clay In this Lord Sri Krishna temple. some or all of the programs are going on for a whole year.

Satsanga is sometimes organized for the devotees. Kirtan is also organized for devotees on a good day. God’s birthday is celebrated with great joy. at this Hare Krishna Hare Rama Temple On Janmashtami .many programs of this temple are organized On this occasion. all devotees are present in large numbers.

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