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Nahargarh fort

Jaipur india , was founded in 1727. by a Kachva Rajput King Sawai Jai Singh II , Who Ruled the state of Jaipur from 1699 to 1744.
Initially Jaipur is the capital of Amer, which is 11 km from Jaipur. Due to the decreasing population and lack of water there was a need for transfers to the capital.

Jaipur india was the first well planned city of India . And king had shown great interest in its construction then king had built a map of Jaipur. before the help of many architectural books and craftsmen.  Jai Singh King was worried about the safety of his city after several wars with the Marathas .

That is why he published scientific methods and observing cultural interests. This talented city was built Interested in mathematics and science. jaipur india Jai Singh King built this city with the advice of Vidyadhar Chakravati.

the Bengali scholar Vidyadhar read the ancient Astronomy books. and discussed the plans of this city with the king .Construction of Jaipur city started in 1727 with a strategic plan. In the next four years main palaces, roads and intersections were constructed.

Jaipur india city was built keeping in mind the principles of architecture. The city was divided into nine Segments. two of which were used to construct urban buildings and castles. And the remaining seven segments were used for the general public Given the security of Jaipur city.

big fort walls were constructed on these seven doors. According to that time the city of Jaipur was the most developed in the subcontinent In 1878 .

Prince of Wales arrives in Jaipur india , And at that time the city of Jaipur was painted with pink color. Since then Jaipur is called the Pink City. Jaipur was very rich in its architecture and culture, Which you can explore at its historic places.

The development of the city of Jaipur in the 19th century was very fast.  And Jaipur had 160,000 people in 1900. Jaipur had a population of 2.5 lakhs in 1947, which is more than 2.5 million today.

Now the work of fortifying the roads of the city started. and many hospitals were constructed At that time. the main industry of Jaipur was marble and metal construction. During the rule of king Sawai Ram Singh II ‘ three Colleges were built in the city In 1865. the Sanskrit College and the School of Girl Child were built in 1867.

At that time many wealthy community people like Jain and Marwariya started doing business here. Comparing the beauty of Jaipur to Paris. Comparison of attraction is compared to Budapest and magnificence from Moscow.

Places to visit in Jaipur india.

Amer fort

jaipur india
Amer fort

this fort is located in Amer 11 km from Jaipur india. Which is the most famous fort of Rajasthan, Amer actually was the capital of Jaipur first. This ancient Fort was constructed in 1592 by King Man Singh.

This fort is also called Aamer Palace, fort is made of red stones and marble. This fort is quite ancient but from the outside its beauty seems completely new. Diwan-i-Aam, Shish Palace and Sukh Palace in the fort. this Fort is a mixture of Hindu and Muslim architecture In this fort.

the main gate of Sheela Devi temple and palace is Ganesh Pol. This fort has four parts and each part has its own separate entrance. The main entrance to Amer Fort is Suraj Pol, Which opens from the main square. This eastern gate is also the main gate of the palace. The sun pole is said to be the mouth facing the rising sun.

Jalebi Chowk is another gate in the four corners of Amber Fort To go to the main courtyard. Shila Devi is on the right side of the temple and there is a gate In the second square. there are buildings like Diwan-i-Ama, Sheesh Palace and Sukh Palace. The main attraction of this place is  the magical fountain . Which emerges from a mural picture of the marble.

City Palace jaipur india.

jaipur india

The city palace is located in the north east of central Jaipur, and has many square and buildings.

This City Palace Jaipur palace was built between 1729 AD and 1732 AD by Sawai JaiS ingh II. He empressed Amer and constructed the outer walls of this palace. Due to the increasing population and lack of water Amer had to transfer to Jaipur india Later.  rulers had mixed the architecturet in this palace Which was abolished by the 20th century.

Hawa mahal jaipur india.

jaipur india
Hawa Mahal

Jaipur’s important tourist destination hawa mahal. Whose main building is made of red stones and pink stones. Which was made by the architect Lal Chand.

The Hawa mahal palace remains in the shape of a pyramid up to 50 feet above the ground. It has a complex texture of 953 window. The air circulation remains in this Hawa Palace. There is a door on its main door Which goes to the courtyard. and opens in two-storey building from three sides In this five manjila Palace.

Thickness of the three floors above is equal to one room. While the lower floor Courtyard in both floors. Hawa mahal is not a stairs to climb up the upper floors , It is connected to the second floor slab From the Mahal. you will see a spectacular view of the city Mahal is also an archaeological museum.

Jantar Mantar.

jaipur india

Jantar Mantar was built in 1734, at the time of the establishment of Jaipur india.

This Observatory created by Sawai Jai Singh of international importance. It was created for information about time sunrise and sunset and constellations.

The first Observatory in India was built in Delhi in 1724.  After the formation of Jantar Mantar of Jaipur, Observatory were built at other places of India.

This Jantar Mantar Observatory had 14 large geometrical tools , to look at From which Jaysing himself invented three instruments. Those whose names are Samraat, Jaiprakash and Ramyaantra. The emperor is the largest solarium in the world.

Nahargarh Fort.

jaipur india

Nahargarh Fort was built in 1734 by king Sawai Jai Singh. the founder of Jaipur in Aravali Pahaladi .

The real name of this fort was in Sudarshangarh but later named it Nahargarh. because of its habitat of tigers Fortress of Nahargarh is linked to the fortification of Jaigarh. It is believed that the construction of this Nahargarh Fort Work was blocked by the spirit of Rathod Raja Nahar Singh Bhomiya. But after making the temple of his name in the fort his soul got peace.  Sawai Ram Singh rebuilt this Nahargarh Fort in 1868.

royal gaitor,

jaipur india

Gaitor was the royal crematorium of Kutchwah Rajput. built by Sawai Jai Singh II From 1733.

every Kachwaha Rajput is cremated here, Only the funeral of king Sawai Ishwari Singh took place in the City Palace. A few years ago the funeral of the king of Jaipur Rajarpati Queen Gayatri Devi was done here. Gator umbrella is a beautiful blend of Hindu temple and Islamic art.

This is the open column on which the raised platform is created Sawai Man Singh. Sasai Madho Singh And king Sawai Jai Singh II has the most beautiful umbrella. This umbrella is made of white marble on which the shape of dancing peacock is made. The carving on every umbrella shows the style and sharp of the king.

Vidyadhar garden.Jaipur india

Amazing Vidyadhar Garden is located at Jaipur, capital city of Rajasthan. This park is surrounded by hills which make this place exceptionally picturesque.  Garden is located at Jaipur to Agra Highway at so place called ghat kii guni.

This garden is named after Vidyadhar Bhattacharya who was architect designer of Jaipur city.This garden has huge lawns, amazing court yards, beautiful boundary wall. garden was created as mix of Mugal and Hindu architect of construction. and garden designing Beautiful flowers, many rich trees and lush green lawns are a pleasure to watch.  garden has a beautiful restaurant also Open part and indoor hall of restaurant presents amazing view.

exteremely beautiful place called “jaygarh fort” in Jaipur rajasthan

Jaipur india

This is situated around 15 kms from Jaipur, This fort is situated at Hill known as Cheel ka qeela (Hill of Eagles).
Hilly road to Jaigarh fort gives a picturseque view all around.

There are multiple spots on the way which provide an excellent view of Aravalli hills and the Amer Fort down below.
During rains this area becomes surrounded with lush green trees plants. and bushes all around appearing as if land is covered under a green sheet.
Cars running on road down present a breathtaking view.

Jai garh means Fort of victory, It has a length of 3 kilometres and width of 1 kilometre.
Hundreds of thousands of tourists from overseas visit here every year.  Peak season being Nov-Feb.

This fort features a cannon name “Jaivana” which was manufatured in this fort. This is considered world’s largest cannon.
The cannon factory Jaigarh Fort had a colossal construction.  that sucked air from the high mountains into its chamber making temperaturs as high as 2400 Fereinheight.

The melted metal would fill a reservoir chamber and pass into a cannon mold in the casting pit. Cannons made here were massive.
The fort is extremely fortified with thick walls of red arenaceous rock. A central watch tower on a raied ground provdes excellent 360 degree view .
A perfect water harvesting system existed here.

This is world’s largest gun cannon called JAIVANA. The foundry where it was made is also located in Jaigarh itself.

Wheels of this cannon are 9 feet high,The barrel of this gun is 20.19 foot (6.15) metres in length, and weights 50 tonnes.
This gun has a diameteter of 11 inches (280mm), with the help of two back wheels and ball bearings it can be rotated 360 degrees making convenient to fire in any direction.

This was used once and canon fired fell at 35 Kms away,India is incredible and so is Rajasthan .so visite this palace to see it.

Jal mahal

jaipur india


Jal mahal is a beautiful spot in jaipur situated on amber fort road.
A palace is built in between Lake water thats called jal mahal, during evening hours localities gather here and chill out,some vendors also sale gift useful items here.

scenic beauty can be viewed all around
some structures of jaipur architecture work are also here,Jaipurites spend evening here to chill out lively and colorful enthusiasm can be felt everywhere.
structure of jaipur style can also be seen, you can feel cool breeze and peaceful environment here.
evening lights appear too good.

Chokhi Dhani

jaipur india

Jaipur to Chokhi Dhani is 23kms , Best time to visit Chokhi Dhani is evening 7pm onwards, You can enjoy 3-4 hours.

Here you will get to see local artisians doing their handicraft work, folk dances And along with all that.. awesome Rajasthani food.

Out of many things, you can dancing with the people who were performing folk dances In fact, they encourage you to participate which is super great.

Out of the many things you liked here at Chokhi Dhani, was To sit at ground level to have traditional Rajasthani food And they actually make you feel pampered.so taste it.

all are the dishes given here Like potato and onion curry ,gatte ki subzi, mixed veg curry, kadhi daal ( pulses), chana chaat (snack made of black chickpeas).  bajra (pearl millet) churma and baati You should mix it with daal( Pulses).

The resort portion that you are seeing on both sides, This is a 5-star resort with a village theme. So Chokhi Dhani is that it’s a must visit place in Jaipur india.

If you are staying at night in Jaipur, do spend the evening at Chokhi Dhani for a great time. I’m sure you would like the place.so injoy your self.

So friend, It was the information about History and tourist place of Jaipur india.

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