Kanyakumari Temple fact and (History)

Kanyakumari Temple fact and (History)

History of Kanyakumari Temple.

Kanyakumari Temple may be a town in state state in Bharat. This city is named after this goddess Kanya Kumari temple in this area. This peninsular India’s largest southern island Kanyakumari may be a town of confluence of 3 seas and may be a common traveler destination.


This pilgrim center receives its name from Kuvadi Devi Kanyakumari. Which is dedicated to the temple According to a legend, Lord Shiva gifted. this gift to the demon Banasur. That he will be killed only by the hands of unmarried girl.
King Bharat, who ruled India at the time  had a son and eight daughters. King India has divided his state into nine parts equal to his Children.

The southern part was given to his daughter Kumari. Kumari was considered to be the incarnation of Goddess Parvati Kumari ruled well on the part of South India. Kumari wanted to marry Lord Shiva.
For him, she used to pray and worship And once Lord Shiva pleased and agreed to marry Kumari. They got ready and the wedding preparations also started But Narad Muni had said that the killing of monster Banasur is in the hands of Kumari. Because of this, they did not get married. After some time Banasur learned about the beauty of the Kumari And they approached him with a proposal for marriage.

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Kumari kept the condition that if he would beat him in the war So she will marry with Banasur. But in that war, the monster banasur was killed in the hands of Kumari. This place of South India, named after queen Kumari, is called Kanyakumari.

Pilgrimages and tours This area is very beautiful, Kanya Kumari is remarkable for pilgrimage and tourism . Kanyakumari Temple is a Shaktipeeth, one of the most sacred temples of Mother Goddess. People of entire India who dedicate their life as a monk. Come here and take initiation Swami Vivekananda was guided by his godfather Sri Ramkrishna Pramod Hamsa as a godfather. Who was a Monk The temple is very old and has been mentioned in ancient Sanskrit literature. Also Read-Akshardham temple (Swaminarayan Temple) history

Tourist Place of Kanyakumari.

Kanyakumari Temple

Kanyakumari Temple is also called Bhagwati Amman Temple. And one of the 108 power plants in Hindu mythology.
And it has been mentioned in almost all the ancient Hindu scriptures. Thousands of pilgrims have visited the temple every year.

Padmanabhapuram Palace.

Kanyakumari Temple fact and (History)

The ancient granite fort was inhabited by the Travancore rulers. And it was built around 1601 AD. King’s council chamber, Thai cottaram or maternal palace and drama in the fort complex. Or many important buildings such as the exhibition house. The fort has a small museum in which many artifacts from the old times And many weapons of sword and daggers. paintings, Chinese jars and wooden furniture are included.


Kanyakumari Temple fact and (History)

A temple town, Sukkhandam is located 11 kms from Kanyakumari town. The temples here are built in typical Dravidian style And they are decorated with large-scale dunes. which are a common feature of all Dravidian temples.

Gandhi Memorial.

Kanyakumari Temple fact and (History)

This memorial is devoted to the daddy of the state Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi’s bone is kept on the same . This monument was established in 1956. Mahatma Gandhi came here in 1937. After his death, his bones were immersed in Kanyakumari in 1948. The monument is designed in this way That the first rays of the sun fall on Mahatma Gandhi’s birth day. Where the ashes of the Mahatma are kept.

Thiruvalluvar statue.

Kanyakumari Temple fact and (History)

The spacious 133 feet large statue of Saint Kavya is Thiruvalluvar. Which was considered to be one of the largest Tamil poets in India.
Thiruvalluvar statue is the largest in Asia And it was unveiled on January 1, 2000. The statue’s mast is artificially designed and decorated with 10 elephants Which shows different directions.

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