Peshwa Bajirao, Who has not lost a single battle in his life.

Peshwa Bajirao, Who has not lost a single battle in his life.

 Peshwa Bajirao was a great commander of the Maratha empire in the first Hindustan. From 1720 till his death.

peshwa bajirao served as the Prime Minister of the fourth Maratha. Chhatrapati Sahu’s Peshwa In his other names  he is also called Bajirao Ballal Iro Senior Baji Rao. Bajirao had brought the Maratha empire to its peak during its military era. Twenty years after his death. he remained in the reign of his son Bajirao did not lose a single battle in his 20 years of small scale military rule. An English officer has described Bajirao as the commander of the best Horse rider in India.

By the way, through the film Bajirao Mastani. you have got a lot of information about the bravery of Bajirao. But still, to keep his Bravery alive, we make you happy with his biography.

Early Life of Peshwa Bajirao. Bajirao was born on 18 August 1700. in the Bhatt family of Kokanath Chitpavan Brahmin dynasty. His father was the first Peshwa of Balaji. Vishwanath Chhatrapati Sahu And the mother name was Radhabai. Bajirao younger brother’s name was Chimaji Appa. Bajirao used to accompany him in his father’s military operations in childhood.

When Bajirao’s father Vishwanath died in 1720. Then Chhatrapati Sahu appointed 20 years old Bajirao Peshwa. He had spread the Hindu kingdom to India. Bajirao wanted to flush the Maratha flag on the walls of Delhi. And ending the Mughal empire. Hindu credit wanted to establish a monarchy empire. Peshwa’s post at the young age When Bajirao was made Peshwa.

Then with Chhatrapati Sahu post. he used to sit in his palace in Satara Maratha Mahasangh used to walk in his name. but the real power was in the hands of Peshwa. At the time of the appointment of Bajirao till the death of Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah. Shivaji Wanted to take back their subordinate area In 1719.

Peshwa Bajirao, Who has not lost a single battle in his life.

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Mughal had  the right to tax from the Deccan’s six provinces. Bajirao knew that the Mughal empire had collapsed And taking advantage of this situation. he expanded aggressively in northern India About the fall of the Mughals. Bajirao used to say that Strike the stem and the leaves will fall on themselves .

” However, the new Peshwa faced many difficulties. All the senior ministers of the Peshwa were appointed in his youth. Like Ramesh Ram, Anand Ram Somant and Sripat Rai used to be jealous of Bajirao. Mughal sub-Nizam-ul-Mulk Asaf Jah in the Deccan Wanted to establish his own independent empire in his field.

And challenged to tax Maratha rights in the Deccan Campaign against Nizam On 4th January 1721. to reconcile the issue of Maratha rights Bajirao. Chikhalan met Nizhan Asaf Jah Although the Nizam refused to recognize the Maratha authority of recovering taxes in the province of Deccan. Nizam was made a Wazir in the Mughal Empire in 1722. But seeing his growing power Emperor Muhammad Shah had sent him to Deccan in 1723.

Nizam opposed his order and resigned from the post of Wazir. and was crushed to the Deccan Emperor Muhammad Shah. sent his army in which the Mughals were defeated In return. the Mughal emperor was forced to make him the deccan’s subedar Under the leadership of Bajirao.

Peshwa Bajirao, Who has not lost a single battle in his life.

Maratha won the battle with the help of Nizam.

Bajirao was felicitated with 7,000 elephants for his bravery. After the war, the Nizam kept both of the Mughal emperors with the Maratha Chhatrapati Shahu. In fact he wanted to create a sovereign kingdom And considered the Marathas as their rebellion in the Deccan In 1725.

Nizam sent his army to solve the issue of Maratha revenue collector from the Carnatic area. Maratha sent his army under the leadership of Fateh Singh Bhosle. In which Bajirao did not command the army but Bhosale Marathas had to compromise for the treaty In the monsoon.

they started a second campaign. But this time also he failed to stop the Nizam Meanwhile Sambhaji of Kolhapur came to the rebellion for the post of Maratha Chattrapati second. Nizam took advantage of this conflict of Maratha . He refused to pay because he was not clearing that the real Chhatrapati Sahu or Sambhaji. The Nizam was made the chief on this issue.Also Read-Mahatma Gandhi Biography(BAPU)

Parshuram Pant was the representative of the Nizam in Shahu’s court. Who was also an enemy of Bajirao. Chandraseen Yadav was his associate in the court of Sabbhaji. Who had fought for Bajirao’s father a decade ago . Bajirao asked Shahu to refuse to accept Nizam’s intermediary. And instead asked to attack On 27 August 1727.

Bajirao attacked the Nizam. He attacked, Burn many areas of Nizam. Burhanpur and Khandesh were destroyed. When Bajirao was away from the Nizam. Nizam attacked on Pune Where Sambhaji Island was sitting as a Chhatrapati On 28 February 1728.

Peshwa Bajirao, Who has not lost a single battle in his life.
bajirao peshwa samadhi

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Bajirao And the army of the Nizam confronted the battle of Palkhed. The Nizam was defeated and had to make a treaty In this treaty. Shahu was offered Chattrapati with the Maratha right to recover tax from the Deccan In 1728. Bajirao did Center of its military campaign from Samvad to Pune.

And during this time he transformed a town into a big city. Bajirao also built Shaniwarwada Mahalaya on the Edge of Mutha river. Which was completed in 1730. Where Peshwa controlled the entire state Bundelkhand campaign In Bundelkhand. Chhatrasal established his independent empire while revolting against the Mughal empire In December 1728.

under the leadership of Muhammad Khan. the Mughal army defeated Chhatrasal. His family was taken captive Chhatrasal was constantly seeking help from Bajirao. But at that time Bajirao was busy in Malva campaigns March. 1729 Finally the Peshwa family responded to Chhatrasal. And the Maratha army was crushed towards Bundelkhand.

Chhatrasal also succeeded in getting out of his captivity And joined the Maratha army. As soon as his army turned towards Jaitpur. Bangash was forced to leave Bundelkhand. In Bundelkhand once again Chhatrasal ruled Chhatrasal handed over a large manor to Bajirao. and He also married his daughter Mastani Before his death in December 1731. Chhatrasal handed over some areas to the Marathas.

Who has not lost a single battle in his life.

Personal life of  Peshwa Bajirao.

first wife name was Kashi Bai. From which three sons Balaji Baji Rao Nana Saheb, Raghunath Rao and Janardan Rao died in childhood.

After the death of Bajirao in 1740. Nana Saheb became the successor of Peshwa in the name of Balaji Baji Rao. The second wife of Bajirao was king Chhatrasal’s daughter Mastani. Bajirao used to love Mastani very deeply. Therefore, a palace was built for him in his residence in Pune. Which is known as Mastani palace.

At that time Hindu Brahmin society had refused to accept this marriage. because Mastani was a Muslim For this reason. the Bhat family had to be insulted too Bajirao. brother Chimanaji Appa and mother Radhabai never considered Mastani as a part of his family. Read More-Aurangzeb The sixth and last dominant ruler.

Many times he also created a conspiracy to kill Mastani. But with the help of Chhatrapati Sahu, Mastani survived In 1734. Bajirao and Mastani had a son. At birth, the name was Krishnarao Bajirao wanted to become a Brahmin. But because of the mother being a Muslim. The priests refused to celebrate the Hindu Upanishad For this reason.

it had to follow the religion of his mother. Which later became known as Shamsher Bahadur. Kashi Bai took the six year old child under his protection .And she nurtured it like his own child. In the battle between Marathas and Afghans in the Third Battle of Panipat in 1761. Shamsher Bahadur died at the age of 27 only.

Death of Bajirao peshwa On 28th April 1740.

Bajirao died at the age of 39 due to sudden illness or maybe a heart attack. At that time Bajirao was in his camp in Khargone district near Indore City with his one lakh army soldiers. Baji Rao was cremated on the coast of Narmada river at Raverkhedi. And in this place an umbrella was also built in their memory. So friends were the information about Peshwa Bajirao Who has not lost a single battle in his life.

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