Red fort information,when and who built red fort.

Red fort information,when and who built red fort.

Red fort information,when and who built red fort.

History of Delhi’s Red Fort.

red fort ,This 33 meter high red fort made of red stones.
Reflects the splendor of Old Delhi and the splendor of the Mughals.
Its massive walls were used to escape the invaders in 1638.

Its main gate, the Lahore Gate is a dynamic and symbolic center point of present India.
Where a huge crowd is gathered every year on Independence Day.
Chhatta chauk is a covered road with domed trees. Where old things are sold.
A sound and light show is organized every evening on Red Fort.
Which tells history related to this fort of India.

Red fort information,when and who built red fort.

Netaji is at Subhash Marg and the closest metro station is Chandni Chowk.
It is closed on every Monday and is open from sunrise to sunset.
The admission fee for Indians at Red Fort is 10 rupees and entry fee for foreigners is 250 rupees.

There is no money for photography and videography has a fees of 25 rupees.
Light and sound show is held at 6 pm every evening at Including 80 rupees for adults and 30 rupees for children.

Emperor Shah Jahan built Red Fort in 1638 .

when he changed his capital from Agra to Delhi.

In reality, there were the favorite colors of the Red and White King.
And the credit goes to architect Ustad Ahmad Lahauri.
Who also designed the Taj Mahal.

Red fort information,when and who built red fort.

This fort is in parallel to Yamuna river.

The construction work of this fort started in the holy month of Muharram.
And ended in 1648 under the supervision of Shahjahan.
In place of the Red Fort, there was a medieval India in Shahjahabad. which is presently old Delhi.

Its planning and aesthetics were made during the peak of Mughal creativity in the reign of Shahjahan.
His descendent Aurangzeb formed the mosque made of pearls in the private residence of the king.


After the Aurangzeb in the Mughal Empire, the administrative and financial structure become weak.
And this fort was rebuilt in the 18th century.
When the Red Fort was of no emperor for 30 years, Jardar Shah took over the fort in 1712.

He was murdered after a year of martyrdom and Farooq shasiar took over the reins.
In order to raise money this silver roof was converted into copper in the color palace.

Red fort information,when and who built red fort.

Muhammad Shah took interest in art in 1719 showing interest in art.
In 1739 Persian ruler Nadir Shah easily defeated the Mughal army.
And also looted the Peacock Throne with the Red Fort.

Nadir Shah left for the city after 3 months and left the weak Mughal emperor.
Seeing the weakness of the Mughals themselves.
In 1752, making a treaty with the Marathas, he became the protector of Delhi’s throne.
By conquering Lahore and Peshawar in 1758, Ahmad Shah Durrani became his struggle.

In 1760, Marathas war against Durrani

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Deevaane khaas melted the silver roof and raised the money.
Marathas were defeated in the third battle of Panipat and Durrani was captured on Delhi.

After ten years, Shah Alam, with the help of Marathas, again sat on the throne of Delhi.
In 1783, the congress of Sikh Mahasangha led by Baghel Singh Dhaliwal led Delhi and Red Fort captured.

The Sikhs allowed Shah Alam to be the king and the Mughals asked to rule Delhi on this condition.
If they make seven Gurudwara for a Sikh guru in Delhi.

Red fort information,when and who built red fort.
After the end of Mughal Shashan.

the British plundered many valuable items of this fort.

Removed all the furniture and demolished and destroyed Haram room, servants rooms and garden.
And made barracks of stones
Only in the east, leaving the royal building built of stable marble, all was destroyed.
The British destroyed the two-thirds of the fort.
Between 1899 and 1905, Lord Curzon repaired this fort to rebuild the walls And also got the garden ready again.

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During the invasion of Nadir Shah. many jewels and artifacts of this fort were taken away.
After this, after the defeat of the 1857 revolution . many objects of this fort were sent to the British Museum.

Like Kohinoor Diamond, Shahjahan’s Wine Cup and Bahadur Shah’s Taj is still in London.
Many times the Indian government asked these things to return to India but the British government refused.

Red fort information,when and who built red fort.

In 1911, the British King and queen came to visit Delhi Darbar.
In which some buildings were rectified
Many officers of the Indian Army were court martialed in the Red Fort.

On August 15, 1947, the primary Prime Minister of Republic of India, solon
Tiranga waved from Lahore Gate of Red Fort.

After this, the Prime Minister wraps the tiranga on this fort on every Independence Day. And address the country.
After India’s independence, there were some changes in this place.
And made Red Fort a military cantonment.

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Many of its parts remained subject to the Indian Army until 2003.
And its populated Indian Archeology Department was given to repair it.

So friend, It was the information about history of Delhi’s red fort..

Red fort information,when and who built red fort.

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