The formation of gold of Lanka and some interesting facts.

The formation of gold of Lanka and some interesting facts.

You may not know these unique stories about the people of Ravana. who are known as the city of gold. The formation of gold of Lanka and some interesting facts related to it, Lankan city with gold and innumerable ratons To this city Hanuman ji burnt his fire with his tail. Even today, many such evidence of the town of Ravan is found in Sri Lanka Which describes Ravana’s grandeur of Lanka.

Today we tell you some interesting things like this. Mahadev Shiva for the living of Mother Parvati To build a golden palace. whose work Shiva handed over to Devshilpi Vishvakarma of Heaven. Within a few days, Vishvakarma constructed a very wonderful and grand palace “Sri Lanka of Gold” But when Mahadev Shiva took the entrance to the palace So if he called Mahapandit Ravana. he grabbed gold from Mahadev with gold from deceit.

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This gold was built on Sri Trichtachal mountain Trikuta is composed of two words in which Tri means three and Akutachal means the mountain. The gold of Lanka was located on the three mountain ranges The name of the first mountain was Subel. where the war of Ramayana was completed. The name of the second mountain was Neil. where gold was established in Lanka. And the third and last part was Sundar mountain. where Ashok Bhatika was located.

The formation of gold of Lanka and some interesting facts.

That is why mother Sita was imprisoned by Ravana. and Hanuman ji’s mother Sita had his first visit Describing the grandeur of Sri Lanka in gold in the Ramayana. it is said that When Hanuman mother came to Lanka in search of Sita. The gold arrived in Lanka, they were observing the beauty of this palace. The monstrous king was a private residence which went into a beautiful house Four teeth and three-elephant elephants surrounded the building all around The castle of Ravana, Read More-The history of the kashmiri pandits.

the wives of her monster castes And every princess brought up was full of daughters. The grandeur of the palace of Ravana was wonderful. There were many secret houses and Mars Planet inside the palace. In that long-storied building there was a pushpak plane in the middle of the castle. This palace was constructed very beautifully.

The building was filled with drunken elephants. Vishvakarma constructed this building with great efficiency Gold and rhinestone pole was putting four-moon on the walls of this palace. And this palace floor was rooted with precious beads and gems According to the Sr Ramayan Research Committee of Sri Lanka,

The formation of gold of Lanka and some interesting facts.

Ravana had four airports Usangoda, Gurupothotha, Totupolakanda and Warriapola.

One of these four, the Usangoda airport was destroyed According to the committee when Hanuman reached Lanka in search of Sita. In Sri Lanka’s Davan, Raanana’s Usangoda airport was destroyed Specialty of Pushpak Aircraft. This feature of Pushpaak aircraft was that it could be done with any shape That is, this plane could be extended and reduced according to the wishes of the mind. There was a speed in mind, and many people had the ability to travel. Also Read-Rani Durgavati, Who defeated Akbar army three times in the war. 

This aircraft was used to swim in the sky as per the wishes of the owner. It can be given according to the mind and can be rotated in any direction It is said that the researchers are currently in the Ramayana. there are many things and places of gold in Sri Lanka. The NASA itself has given the concept of Ramsetu’s inset picture to embody the concept of Indian culture.

There are still many such secrets which can cause curtains in the near future In recent years it is proved by meeting. the city of Dwarka of Krishna in the sea level Still we are unaware of many such mysteries which are buried in history And authenticate the authenticity of our religious and mythological texts. share and impress your friends. Read Next-Peshwa Bajirao, Who has not lost a single battle in his life.

The formation of gold of Lanka and some interesting facts.

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